Patient Success Stories

Heart-to-Heart doesn't just screen participants for heart disease and diabetes. We also offer lifestyle counseling, reputable take-home information and we connect our participants with services they qualify for and need. 

“My 72 year-old grandmother just finished the screening and she learned that her blood pressure was too high,” said Anton Jones, 24, of Jamaica, Queens.

Weill Cornell Community Clinic

The Heart-to-Heart program, run mostly by first year medical students at Weill Cornell Medicine, has had a partnership with the student-run Weill Cornell Community Clinic, since the program began in 2010. Recently, the referral process for H2H participants has been modified, making it easier for participants to be seen for free at the clinic and then further transitioned into long-term care solutions. 

A Glimpse into Heart to Heart: 100-word Patient Testimonials

 “I learned my triglycerides were high,” said Angela Perez, 51, “before today, I wasn’t even sure what triglycerides were!”

Through the Heart-to-Heart screening, Perez discussed her lipid profile with a doctor, who explained what her values meant in the context of her health and why we use these indicators to measure heart-health.

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